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 In 1958, DongTai Machine Building Factory was founded, whose main products were war products and also some precision machine tools.
In 1977, the factory became civil from military, and began to set foot in the spinning machine field, to manufacture spinning special equipments—cotton Ring Spinning Frame, then its name changed into DongTai Textile Mill.

  In 1995, DongTai Textile Mill suffered a loss overall, and the amount was up to 67 million RMB. Under this circumstance, the factory was on the verge of bankruptcy.

  In 1998, DongTai Textile Mill started to change its pattern, from the primary collective ownership to the employee-share system, realizing the transfer of the property right. In the same year, its sales volume was 20.59 million RMB, and for the first time won 10 thousand profits after many years’ loss.

  In 1999, DongTai Textile Mill began to convert for the second time, from the majority employees holding share to the manager holding the great share, realizing the separation of property right completely. The enterprise reform included three great moves: the reform of the management institution, that is to cut half institutions, 15 section offices combined into 5 departments and 3 offices; The reform of the distribution system. The company fixed the salary according to the specific position, the salary changing as the position, and the primary salary records were kept; The reform of personnel system. The whole management personnel were assessed, reducing 46 persons into 16 persons. Middle-level leaders also went to their posts by competition.

  The 1999’s reform laid a good foundation for the future development of the DongTai Textile Mill.

  In August of 2000, DongTai Textile Mill and Marzoli Co. Ltd. signed a formal contract. Marzoli is the subsidiary company of Italy Camozzi, one of the 500 top enterprises of the whole world, Marzoli invested 77million dollars to establish Marzoli (DongTai) textile machinery Co. Ltd... Italy Marzoli held 55% share, DongTai held 45% share.

  By corporating with the world famous textile enterprise, Marzoli (DongTai) textile machinery Co.Ltd. altered fully in terms of the managing thinking, market policy, creation ability, leading it to a rapid development.

  In 2000, its sales volume was 200 million, and the profits tax reached to 20 million.

  In 2001, the sales volume jumped to 330 million, and the profits tax reached to 30 million, and its products went to the world. In the same year, the company earned foreign exchange over 1.5million dollars.

  In 2002, the sales volume was 530 million, tax 50 million, the export tendency was increasing, earning 7 million dollars.

  In 2003, the sales volume reached to 1006 million, total tax was 103million, and earned foreign exchange 20 million dollars; the unbelievable developing speed made Marzoli (DongTai) textile machinery Co.Ltd. had occupied 1/3 marketing quotient of Chinese cotton ring spinning frame.

  In 2004, the sales plan is 1.2 billion, tax is 150 million, and foreign exchange is close to 50 million. According to the present managing situation, it is no problem.

  From 2002 to 2003, in the top 50 of the textile machinery enterprises, the income volume of Marzoli (DongTai) textile machinery Co.Ltd were ranked 8th and 6th separately. The company goes into a new era.

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