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Twister series:
ASFB751 High Speed Fancy Yarn Twister
  • ASFB751 Series Fancy Twister,fed with three or more yarns at different speed for each piece,which pass through hollow spindle for twisting and bind with effect yarn,and via ring spindle for detwisting formation and winding up,produces varieties of loop yarns.
  • In addition to optional psrts,knot yarns and interval loop yarns can also be manufactured on the machine.
Main Technical Data
Gauge 150mm
No.of spindles 112锭 (或96锭、80锭等)
Delivery count 500-55.5tex (2-18Nm)
Ring dia 112mm
Tube length 360mm
Ratio between front and back roller 1-3
Hollow spindle speed 3730-7300 r.p.m(mechanical)
-10000r.p.m (inverter controlled)
Twist by hollow spindle 200-1500T/m
Main motor power 11KW
dimension(L×W×H) 9888×2600×2430mm(112spindles)


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