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Series Fancy Twister with Draft System
  • The rovings of wool or wool alike fibres are fed onto the machine and drawn into sliveries as effect yarns,then go through hollow spindles where they combine with core yarns and binding yarns and get twisted into facy yarns of fibres,or via ring spindle for detwisting,and forming into a variety of fancy yarns in threads.
  • The machine may be fed directly with yarns to make other fancy yarns.
  • Several versions are available for customers' choice, mainly with the combination of hollow spindle and bobbin winding,hollow spindle and ring spindle winding,mechanical gearing or PLC plus inverter.
  • For production of Spandex yarn,a positive feed unit can be provided with upon request.
Technical data
Winding mode bobbin Ring spindle
Gauge 150mm
No.of spindles 196锭 112锭
Application Wool and wool alike fibres with average length65-100mm
Delivery count 500-33tex (2-30Nm)
Draft 8-35
Drafting system 3-roller,double apron weighting arm
Ring dia   112mm
Tube length   350mm
Hollow spindle speed 4000-10000r.p.m
Twist by hollow spindle 80-1500 T/m 50-2000 T/m
Twist direction Z或S
Overall dimension 7000×3200×2200mm 10312×3200×2450mm


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