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B583C & EJ519A Ring Spinning Frame
  • Main Applications: Model B583C and EJ519A are the major products of our plant. This machine is used for processing wool or wool type synthetic fibers at an average length of 65-100mm,as well as their blends, into worsted yarns or knitting yarns with twistless or weak twistroving as its feeding stock.
Main Specifications and Technical Data
Model B583C EJ519A
No.of spindles 396,384,372,108
Spindle gauge 75mm
Spindle speed 5000-13000r.p.m 
Ring dia.and height Ø51×11.2mm
Lift 230mm
Counts 20-80Nm
Draft wool 12-25 Synthetic fiber12-40
Draft system 3roller,double apron,pendulum weighting arm
Roller Dia. front,middle & back all 35mm
Twist Z or S
Roving Package twistless, double slivers Ø200×190-230mm 
or weak twist, single sliver 
Creel Single tier,4-row,inclined top shelter with suspension bobbins
Machine length L=2301+(N/2-1)×75mm ( N:No.of spindles)
Machine width 917mm
Machine height 2075mm 
Machine weight Approx6.5t(396 spindles)


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