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Ring spinning frame series
Woolen Ring Spinning Frame
  • BC584 Series Woolen Ring Spinning Frame is the major production equipment used in all over country's woolen mills.it is for the production of woolen yarn and blend yarn with wool, rabbit hair and synthetic fibers in the count range Nm 8-20.
  • BC584 Series Woolen Ring Spinning Frame can form a complete line with different carding machines supplied fromboth home and abroad The draft system has provided with two kinds of needle rollers,one is density,other is spacing ,so the yarn quality can be stabilized.
Main Specifications
No.of spindles 280  240
Spindle gauge 108mm
Spindle speed 4700-6580r.p.m
Ring dia 60  75mm
Lift 205mm
Counts 8-20Nm
Draft 1-2
Draft system Needle roller Ø33mm
Twist Z or S
Twist range 230-800T/m
Creel package dia 340mm (Max)
Machine motor 8.3kw
Machine length 14662  16822mm
Machine height 1750mm
Machine weight 7T


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