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CM500 Comber

The new comber, fully electronic, increase productivity, and reduce operating cost.

Totally electrinic quality control and operation of the machine
New control panel on board of machine for easier operation and maintrenance
Maximum output with up to 400 nips/min
Lap weight up up 80 g/m  
Self cleaning top combs
Half lap comb with wired sector from 90°to 112°
New kinematics of the nipper unit
Great reduction of the closing speed of the jaws
Absolute nipper uniformity on all lap length
Remarkable reduction of the mechanical stresses and of the noiso of the machine
Quality and production improvements with the new lap piecing system (Autobatt and Fully Autobatt)
Lap piecing  
Autobatt: semi- automatic lap piecing for installation without automatic laps transport
Fully Autobatt: automatic lap piecing for installations with automatic laps teansport
Frame and mechanical driving parts realized with accurate kinematics studies and with the ussage of the most advanced thrss - dimensional technologies
3 over 4 drafting system  
Connection to MARZOLI SPIN VISION data collection and information system


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