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Ring spinning frame series
DTM129 Ring Spinning Frame
  • NEW DESIGN T0 process the yarn with high quality, especially for those with the yarn count above 80Ne.
  • HIGH PRODUCTlVITY 14,000-20,000 RPM, running with high stability under such a high Speed.
  • GOOD YARN QUALITY Its spun yarn quality and profits take a leading position among the user in China.
Main Specifications
Spindle gauge 70mm
No.of spindle 516,504,492,480,456,444,420,
Dia of ring 38,42,45mm
Tube length 180,205,230mm
Yarn count 5-98.5 tex(120-6Ne)
Normal 7.5-13tex(80-45Ne)
Drafting times 10-70(Normal 15-50)
Twist range 510-1,850T/M(vary as required)
Spindle speed 12,000-20,000r/min
Twist Z,Z or S
Roving package Ø135*320mm,
Spinnable fibres cotton,cotton-type chemical fibre and mdeium synthetic fibre up to 51mm or their blends



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