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DTM129K Ring Spinning Frame

    Important characteristic

      1.Timing belt is dopted between the spindle driving and headstock driving to reduce noise. The change gears of total frafting,twisting and winding are in same size of module, hole, width, and can be exchanged with each other tooth flanks of the gears are lubricated by oil drops automatically.

      2.The drafting driving system is fitted with autodripping lubrication system made by a sino-japan joint venture and the quantum of the oil can be adjusted according to the requirements.

      3.Its optimum design and high manufacturing precision ensure the producing of high quality yarn, and can be equipped with all kinds of drafting system, such as SKF, Ina,and soon.

      4.The running process is controlled by PLC. Inverter can be equipped as an option to adjust the speed of main motor. The display meter can be used to preset the yarn length of the cop record the 4-shift spinning length(metric system). It can also show you the spindle speed, delivery roller linear speed and twist one by one. After full bobbin, the ring rail will wind down and stop at proper position automatically.



技术参数 Main Specifications
Spindle gauge 70mm
No.of spindle 516,504,492,480,456,444,
Dia of ring 35,38,42,45mm
Tube length 180,205,230mm
Yam count 5~98.5tex(120~6Ne)
Drafting times 15~50
Twist range 510~1,850T/m(vary as required)
Spindle speed 12,000~22,000r/min
Twist Z,Z or S
Roving package Ø 135*320mm,Ø 152*406mm(Max)
Spinnable fibres cotton,cotton-type chemical fibre and medium synthetic fibre up to 51mm or their blends


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