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DTM139 Ring Spinning Frame

    Important characteristic

      1.The driving of front roller,middle-rear roller,lifting of ring rail and integrated doffing used the advanced electron driving system in the world instead of the gear driving of tradition and this enable low noise,high speed and good yarn quality.
      2.The spinning technical data can changed through various kinds of spinning technology on the eletron screen and the gear is unnecessary to change.
      3.Integrated doffing is reliable and stable.
      4.Level of automation is high and can connect with roving frame and winding frame wantonly.
      5.The change of speed of spindle driving used special inverter and can set spindle speed of various phases according to the tention of spinning.

  • Model DTM139 Ring Spinning Frame,with its high quality,optimum properties and high speed,is one of the best ring spinning machines in China.
  • NEW DESIGN To process the yarn with high quality,especially for those with the yarn count above 80 Ne.

  • High PRODUCTIVITY 14,000-22000 RPM,running with high stability under such a high speed.

  • GOOD YARN QUALITY Its spun yarn quality and profits take a leading position among the user in China.

  • This type of gripper reduces the number of doffing cycles and increases the efficiency of ring frames and winders.

  • These solutions ensure the highest possible productivity with the lowest operational cost.

  • The ring rail has an independent drive through a brushless motor.

  • The drafting cylinders have two separate drives(one on each side of the frame) through brushless motors.

  • DRAFTING SYSTEM Its optimum design and high manufacturing precision ensure the producing of high quality yarn,and can be equipped with all kinds of drafting systems,such as SKF,Ina,and so on.

  • INVERTOR The invertor can be adopted as an option to adjust the spinning speed,and set different speed - adjusting curves according to different requirements from the customer.

  • The drafting driving system is fitted with auto - dripping lubrication system made by a Sino - Japan joint venture and the quantum of the oil can be adjusted according to the requirements.

  • The overhead blower and the device for producing spandex core spun yarn are at users'option.



Main Specifications
Spindle gauge 70mm
No.of spindle 1008,624,516,504,492,480,456,444,
Dia of ring 38,42,45mm
Tube length 200,220,230mm
Yam count 5~98.5tex(120~6Ne)
Drafting times 10~70
Twist range 510~1,850T/m
(vary as required)
Spindle speed 12,000~22,000r/min
Twist Z,Z or S
Roving package Ø 135*320mm,Ø 152*406mm(Max)
Spinnable fibres cotton,cotton-type chemical fibre and medium synthetic fibre up to 51mm or their blends


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