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DTM488 Roving Frame

    Main Characteristic

    一、Seal gear box of headstock ensured the optimum properties fo driving and themain moter erected outside the headstock.
    二、Flyer and bobbin drive with high speed helical timing belt.
    三、Electron or machinery trimming pulley device can be disposed.
    四、Electric controled by PLC which ensured hish automation.
    五、Cleaning system is composed of top & bottom cleaner,suction box and little tour blower vehicle.

    DTM488 roving frame,with its high quality,optimum properties and high speed,is one of the best roving frame in China.

  • Newdesign:collect the characteristic of internal and external.
  • High productivity:high running ensure high benefit.
  • Good yarn quality:possess the excellent function of spinning and mechananism.

  • Four roller and double shart apron ensure the high quality of spinning this separate off the zone of main drafting and collecting bunch.
  • For high speed driving helical timing belt is used to ensure running exact,reliable,stable and low noise.
  • Headstock driving with sealed gear box. Its high manufacturing precision,lubrication condition,stable driving and low noise can extend its using life.
  • Electric controlled by PLC,The various motions of main motor changed by inverter,controled by touching screen and displaying the concerning technical date.


Main Technical Date
gauge 220mm
No.of spindle


counts 200~1176tex(0.85~5Nm)
twist range 22~62 T/m
drafting times 5~12
rflyer speed 800~1500 r/min
packge size Ø 152*406mm
power 19.2 Kw(120 spindle)
outing dimension:(length*width) 15075*4150mm


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