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FA502 Ring Spinning Frame
  • The FA 502 Series Ring Spinning Frames are suitable for Spinning of cotton or polyester cotton or man-made fibre below 51mm, 65mm or 80mm and their blends. All the bearings in the machine are rolling bearings and the helical Steel gears are performed as the transmission of drafting SyStem. So they have less maintenance,reliable running and good performance in spinning.

Main Specifications
TYPE FA502   FA502A FA502M
Suitable for fibre length upto 51mm upto 65mm upto 80mm
Spindle gauge 70mm  
No. of spindles
96 384 408 420 444 456 480 492 516
396 432 486 504
to be arranged in the order
diameter 45 42 38 35(35mm for direct weft)
edge wide: 2.6 3.2 4mm
to be arranged in the order
Lift 205 180 165 155(165 155 for direct weft) to be arranged in the order
Yarn count 58.3-5.83tex(10-100Ne)
Draft Ratio Total: 10-50(15-45 essentially)
Back draft: 1.05-1.5(1.08-1.36 essentially)
Draft system Three-Line rollers,double aprons(long & short)
pendulum arm weightings. roller stand angle 45°
Bottom roller diameter Ø25×Ø25×Ø25mm Ø30×Ø25×Ø30mm  
Spindle speed(rpm) 8,000-16,000
Normally 12,000-16,000
Creel with hoder bobbins: 4 rows in 2 tiers. with suspended bobbins: 4 or 6 rows in single tiers suspended bobbins  
Suction system
Flute type suction device Each frame has an independent suction motor or underground collective exhausting  
Motors Main motor of double speed: 380v, 15/7kw or 17/9kw
Suction motor: 380v, 1.5kw or 2.2kw, Motor for lifting: 380v, 0.18kw


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