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FA503 Ring Spinning Frame
  • Model FA503 Machine is one of the best ring spinning frames which ensure high quality yarn and manageability. It can be used for processing cotton and Cotton type synthetic fibers or their blends. Medium length synthetic fibers up to 65mm can also be processed on this machine with partial replacement.
Main Specifications
No.of spindles: 504,492,480,456,420,408,396,384,96
Spindle gauge: 70mm
Spindle speed: 10000-17000r/min
Ring dia: 35,38,42,45mm
Tube length: 180,190,205,230mm
Yarn Count: 6-96tex
Draft: 10-50
Draft system: 3-roller,double apron,penulum weighting arm
Roller dia front,middle & back all 25mm
Creel:Maximum roving package:
(2-tier,4-row standing bobbing)ø135*320mm
(1-tier,4-row suspension bobbing)ø135*320mm
(1-tier,6-row suspension bobbing)ø152*406mm
Main motor: 380V,17KW
(for spindle no.upto 456)
    380V,18.5KW(for spindle above 456)
Suction motor: 380V,1.5KW
(for spindle no.upto 420)
380V,17KW(for spindle above 420)
Ring rail lifting motor: 380V,370w
Machine length: L=1900+(N/2-1)*70mm
(N:NO.of spindles)
Machine width: 1000mm
Machine height: suspension bobbin,2230mm(max)
Machine weight: Approx 6t (420 spindles)


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