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FA507A Ring Spinning Frame
  • Model FA507A ring spinning frame is the latest ring spinning frame in China which is improved on the base of FA507 type to keep up the needs of the market.
    The yarn spun quality of FA507A has reached the international advanced level, it has already spun successfully the 250 Ne pure cotton yarns.

Main Specifications
Spindle gauge 70mm
No. of spindle 504,492,480,456,444,420,
  408,396,384,372,360,96 etc.
Dia. of ring 38,42,45mm
Tube length 205,230mm
Yarn Count 6-96tex(100-6Ne)Normal 13-36tex(45-16Ne)
Drafting Times 10-50
Twist Range 260-1500t/m
Spindle Speed 1000-17000r/min
Normal 12500-16300r/min
Twist Z,Z or S
RovingPackage Ø 135×320mm, Ø 152×406mm(Max)
Spinnable Fibres cotton, cotton-type chemical fibres and medium synthetic fibres up to 65mm or their blends


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