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FA721A-75 Twisting Frame
  • The twisting frame is applicable to process yarns of cotton, chemical fibre and blends for weavaing and knitting.
Main Specifications
Spindle Gauge(mm) 75
No.of Spindles 396,384,372,108
Spindle Speed(rpm) 7270-13780 


Ring PG1-5160
Twisting direction Z或S
Total lift(mm) 205或230 
Twist range(T/m) 260-1810
Suitable for twisting yarn count 97×2-6×2tex
Automation Ring rail comes to proper position automatically when starting after doffing
Start at low speed,automatically switch to high speed from slow speed.
Automatically stop while bobbin full,and ring rail automatically stop at proper position.
Automatic doffing even in mid-way
Automatically stop at yarn flying
Indicators automatically display:Green light for full bobbin
Red light for Breakdown.
Yellow Light-Spindle Tape break
PLC is adopted in model FA721A-75.
Main motor JF03-52-6/4
Overall dimension No.of spindle Length×Width×Height(mm)
396  16030×722×2035
384  15580×722×2035
372  15130×722×2035
108  5230×722×2035
weight(kg) 5500kg


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