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FB504A Ring Spinning Frame
  • Usege:
    Suitable fiber Length:65~100mm wool type synthetical fiber,sheep wool and their blends.
    This machine is economically and technically suitable for the production of the combed - worsted knitting yarn and worsted yarm.

  • Main Features:
    The compact machine frame contribute to the less covered area.
    The closed gear box.
    The frequency inverter.
    The controllable spinning process by use of PC.
    The technical date demoustration.
    The big package and low end breakage result in higher production output and less energy consumption.

    With new and sealed oil - bath gear box,its high manufacturing precision and lubrcation condition can extend its using life.

    With the clutch,its steplifting precision can avoid the defective yarn

  • The drafting drving system is fitted with auto - drafting lubrication system made by a Sino - japan joint venture and the quantum of the oil can be adjusted according to the requirements.

    The vertor can be adopted as an option to adjust the spinning speed,and set different speed - adjusting curves according to different requirements form the customer.

Specifications and Tchnical Date
Spindle gauge(mm) 82.5mm
No.of spindle

384,372,360,96and so on,standard type384

Steel Ring cone type metallurgically sintered ring.dia.55.60(mm)
Bobbin Length 285
Pemissible Fiber Length(mm) average length 65~100
Density of Yarm tex 12.5~62.5(16~80Nm)
Drafting Type 3-roller drafting system with pendulum arm weighting and double apron.
Drafting Ratio 12~40倍
Upper Roller Dia.for Delivery Roller (with cot)(mm) 50(包覆后)
Upper Roller Dia.for Middle-in Roller (with cot)(mm)
Upper Roller Dia.for Taking-in Roller (with cot)(mm) 50(包覆后)
Bottom Roller(mm) all 35
Spindle Speed(r/min) 5000~13000
Roving Package(mm) 2 pieces(twistless roving Ø 300*190~230) 1 piece(twist roving)Ø 155*280


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