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FB722 Worsted Twisting Machine
  • This machine is used for dry-twisting of the plied yarn of wool,man-made fibres and their blends,in the count range of tex 50/2-10/2.
Main Specifications and Technical Data
No.of Spindles 396,384,372,108
Spindle Gauge 75mm
Spindle Speed 4000-10000r.p.m.
Ring Dia 51mm
Lift 230mm
Dia.of Top Roller


Dia.of Bottom Roller 45mm
Twist Range 200-1200T.P.M.
Twist Direction Z or S
Power of Main Motor 13kw
Machine Length L=1995+(N/2-1)×75 (No. of spindles)
Machine Width 1000mm
Machine Height 2090mm
Machine Weight Approx 6 tons(396 spindles) 


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