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Twister series
FB726 Twisting Frame
  • It's used to twist 2, 3 or 4 plied yarns of cotton,wool or chemical fibre and blends into cotton thread,knitting yarn and fine knitting wool.
Main Technical Data
No.of Spindles 276(48 per section)
Spindle Gauge 100mm
Ring Dia Ø75mm,高11.2mm 
Single-yarn Density 80tex(12.5Nm)-20.8tex(48Nm)  
Spindle Speed 2,750-6,400r/min
Twist Range 120-800T/m
Feed Package Ø200×150mm 
Finished Product Package Ø70×280mm
Broken End Stop Motion Fan-shaped block driving
Automation Display functions:doffer auto-motions,roller linear velocity,spindle speed,twist range,and shift yield.
Overall dimension 15,710×750 ×2,200mm(L ×W×H )
Main Motor Power 11kw


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