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FB765 Fancy Twister
  • The machine,fed with three or more yarns at different speed for each one,which pass through hollow spindles for twisting,Via ring spindle for detwisting and formation,produces many designs of fancy yarns.
  • The machine features high flexibility in production due to adoption of computer to controll processes.
  • The unique structure of the knot yarn produced on the machine has been patentdde and bridged the gap between the inemational and domestic markets.
Main Technical Data
Gauge 150mm
No.of spindles 112standard
Ring diameter 112mm
Lift 300mm
Delivery count 1000-50tex(1-20Nm)
Twist by hollow spindle 200-1500T/m
Hollow spindle speed Max 10000r/min
Detwist constant 0.2-0.7
Total Power 16.4kw
Overall Dimesion Length×Width×heidht 10258mm×2620mm×2450mm


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