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FN601 Doubling and Twisting Machine for Woolen Yarn

  • This machine is used in the process of twisting or doubling yarns of wool, synthetic fibres and blends.
Main Specifications and Technical Data
Spindle gauge 120mm
No.of spindles 192锭
Ring dia 90mm 
Lift 280mm 
Twisted yarn density 666.5-71.4tex(3/2-28/2Nm)
Twist range 100-560T/m 
Spindle range 1200-4000r/min 
Roller dia. 45mm
Top iron roller dia. 75mm (Covered with chemigum)
Broken end auto-stop motion  Frame lever
Type of spindle tape tension pulley Twin tension pulleys
Twist Z or S 
Single yarn package Cone Ø180×150mm
Doubling yarn package Cheese bobbinØ180×150mm
Single yarn bobbin stand Four-row cross horizontal type. Roving-hook tension adjuster. Ends drawn in axial way
Doubling yarn bobbin stand Two-row cross horizental type.Ends drawn in radius way
Spindle Type Type D1408A roller bearing spindle
Bobbin size Ø28.8×36.6×310mm paper bobbin (D1407-FT1
Main motor JFO3-62A-8(Left)380V,11kw,725r/min
Overall dimension 13415(Length)×1280(Width)×2145(Height)mm
Total weight 约7t


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