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FT1 & FT1-D Roving Frame

    Compared with other manufacturers , outstanding roving quality is produced with significantly.Lower power consumption with new independent multimotor drive.Greater boobbin weight thanks to a unique doffing system.
    Whether doffing is manual (FT1) or automatic (FT1-D) the following features are common to both frames:

  • New independent multimotor drive concept with maintenance free drive
  • More cost effective operating conditions: lower maintenace costs and less spare parts needed
  • Reduction in lot change times: mechanical adjustments and manual calculation of necessary parameters are no longer necessary
  • Possibility to reproduce previous production conditions and relevant quality standards
  • Positively driven feed creel
  • Defined roving break during doffing process
  • Automatic roving fastening affer doffing
  • Roving data
  • Connection to Marzoli's Sysmo or other types of data collection and information systems
  • FT1 (Manualdoffig): Bobbin tray is lowered and hinged out to ease doffing operation

Application Staple fibres up to 63 mm
Flyer speed Max. 1500 rpm
Twist range 10-100 tpm(0.25 -2.54 tpi)
Material Cotton , man made fibres and blends
Gauge 260mm
Draft range
Number of positions
Roving count 2222tex-200tex(0.45Nm-5.00Nm,0.27Ne-3.00Ne)
Drafting system 3 roller -double -opron (standard) or 4 roller -double -opron (standard)
Flyer sizes 406*152mm(16"*6") 406*178(16"*7")
喂入条筒 直径:最大600mm 高度:最大1200mm
总装机功率 31Kw
1300转/分消耗的平均功率 15Kw


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