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Blowroom Machines

    Superblender B12SB
    High and flexible production

  • The B12SB bale plucker is used for the take-off of up to 4 assortments of cotton or man-made fibres.
  • The maximum production is up to 1600kg/hr with one assortment and with a detacher with a working width of 2250mm.
  • The detacher follows the contour of the lay down and plucks the raw material all the way down to the floor ensuring that mo amterial is left lying on the ground at the end of the lay down.

    Reliability and safaty
  • The safety elements consist of light brriers surrounding the working area of the bale plucker
  • High reliability means that possible blade blade failures can be repaired quickly by simply replacing their tungsten-carbide tiqs.


Material Cotton,man-made fibres up to 65mm(21/2")
With 1 as s ortments B12-1700 up to 1150kg/h (2520lb/hr)
B12-2250 up to 1600kg/h(3500lb/hr)
with 4 as s ortments B12-1700 up to 500kg/h (1100lb/hr)
B12-2250 up to 700kg/h (1540lb/hr)
Technical data
Installed power
B12-1700 7.92kw total
B12-2250 7.92kw total
Number of bales per side
B12-1700 ML/B or 2ML/L
B12-2250 1.5ML/B or 3ML/L
Abbr eviations
ML Material laydown length (m)
B Bale with
L Bale with
Machine data
Material laydown ML=E-5.735m
Channel length E 11.3-51.13m,以2.5m为一级
Net weight  
B12-1700 3500kg
B12-2250 3700kg
Approx.130kg/m (for variable longitudinal parst)

Duocleaner B39

  • A very efficient opener blaced directly after the Superblender with a very fibre yield
  • Production up to 1250Kg/hr (2750lb/hr) Low fibre stress
  • Low fibre stress
  • High flexibility for all production requirements
  • Optimized cleaning
  • Effcient dedusting

Material Cotton,cotton waste, gin motes
Production Up to 1250kg/Hr (2750 lb/Hr)
Technical data
Installed power 6.7kw
Machine data
Frame width 1040+1040mm
Cleaning rolls 700mm Dia
Speed range cleaning roll in 400-600 RPM
cleaning roll in 600-900 RPM
Length 2350mm
Width 1950mm
Height 2150mm
Net weight 2500kg

Automixer B143

  • 4 or 6 mixing chambers
  • Production up to 800kg/hr (1800 lb/hr) with 4 chambers
  • Production up to 1200kg/hr (2700 lb/hr) with 6 chambers
  • Reliable perfomance
Material Cotton, man-made fibres and blends
Production Up to 800kg/Hr (1800 lb/Hr) 4 chambers
Up to 1200kg/Hr (2700 lb/Hr) 6 chambers
Technical data
Installed power 4 cells:3.2kw
6 cells:4.64kw
Machine data
Frame width 1200mm
Length 4 cells:4500mm
 6 cells:5500mm
Width 1700mm
Height 4200mm
Net weight 4 cells:420kg
6 cells:5200kg

Fine opener B38

  • Production up to 600 kg/hr (1350 lb/hr)
  • Optimal accessibility and low maintenance costs
  • Optimal opening
  • High flexibility
  • Optimized cleaning
  • Effcient dedusting

Technological data
Material Cotton ,man-made fibres and blends
Production Up to 600 kg/hr (1350 lb/hr)
Technical data
Installed power B38 5.28kw
B44 3.75kw
Machine data
Frame width 1200mm  
Opening rolls   416mm(Dia)
Speed range   600-1100 RPM
Length   1510mm
Width   1890mm
Height   4000mm
Net weight B38

Tuft blending installations

1. High level of accuracy at weighing

  • Pre-fill at high speed
  • fill up at low speed

2. High production

  • Abundant material reserve
  • Large capacity of weigh-pans results in a smaller number of weighing operations

3. Simple operation and monitoring

  • Microcomputer control guides the operator in plain language
  • Help contest in line: malfunctions cause and remedies , instruction manual
  • Working programs once entered can be stored for repeats
  • Display shows target and actual weights , cv values , production rates of shifts
  • All operating data can be printed or stored in ms dos compatible disc( p.c)
  • Automatic actual weight correction


  • 适用于加工长度为65mm以下的人造纤维
  • 机器宽度:1200mm
  • 产量:最高可达1000kg/h
  • 操作简单
  • 高度的灵活性,具有三种可变换的开松辊:1.有282个角钉的开松辊; 2.有2620个角钉的开松辊; 3.有11650个角钉的开松辊。可根据被加工的原料和机器的加工位置,选择开松辊。

Technical data
Installed power B134 3.18kw
Installed power B44 3.75kw


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