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Lap winder series
LW1 Lap Winder

Laps of outstanding quality are variation during lap formation of:Winding on pressure and winding on speed.

  • Lap weight up to 28 kg
  • Delivery speed above 125m/min
  • Lap widths : 267mm , 300mm
  • Operator friendly control panel
  • Lap formation unit for optimum batt structure
  • Two power creels with cans positioned in a double row
  • 2over3 drafting system pneumatically loaded
  • Lap tapering device
  • Electronic balance (optional)
  • Individual filter box or connection to a centralized waste and suction system
  • Floor or overhead lap transfer systems
  • Inverter driven main motor for improved efficiency and energy saving
  • Connection to MARZOLI'S SYSMO or other types of data collection and information systems
Technological data
Application Cotton 11/16"-2"
Production Up to 460kg/h
Sliver count range 3.3-6ktex
Duublings 24,28,32
Total draft 1.4-2.3
Delivery batt weigh Up to 80 ktex
Technical and Machine data
Lap weight net Up to 28kg
Lap width 267mm 267mm(10 1/2")
300mm 300mm(12")
Lap diameter Max 600mm
Delivery speed    Variable 50-130m/min
Drafting system 2 over 3
Feed cans 24"*48"
Total power consumption 13.2kw
-压力 6bar
-最大含水量 1.5g/m3
-空气消耗 2500升/时
重量 5000kg


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