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Ring spinning frame series
RST-1 Ring Spinning Frame

    Compared with other ring frame manufacturers the RST-1 model guarantees:

  • Significantly lower power consumption
  • Significantly greater bobbin weight
  • Maximum yarn quality in all working conditions
  • High drafts up to 80 fold
  • Optimum spindle speed at every phade of bobbin build up thanks to an inverter drive
  • Independent spindles , ring rail and drafting system drives
  • Extremely reliable and fast doffing system with no trailing ends
  • Simple and reliable transport peg system for either bobbins or tubes
  • Ring frame stops to prevent production of defective yarn
  • Flexible linking alternatives
  • Customized solutions of automation between roving and ring frames
  • Very coarse and very fine yarn counts produced with only two ring frame gauges
  • Significant increase of number of spindles per frame
  • Wondercleaner for vutting and sucking underwinding yarn coils(optional)
  • Yarn catcher for a "no-underwinding spindle" (optional)
  • Slub yarn formation with software only (optional)
  • Connection to Marzoli's Sysmo or other types of data collection and information system
Main Specifications
机械锭速 最高可达25000转/分
锭数 最高1296
Machine width with doffer Max 1420mm
Ring diameter 36-54mm
Application Staple fibres up to 60mm
Tube length 180-260mm
Spindle gauge 70-75mm
Twist range 4.0-80Tpi (160-3150Tpm)
Material Cotton , man made fibres and blends
Yarn count 3.0-150 Ne (Nm 5.0-250)
牵伸范围 5-80
粗纱筒管尺寸 152mm/178mm×406mm
每锭工艺空气消耗量 4.5m3/h
压缩空气消耗量(有自动落纱) 4.5 升/锭
安装功率(主电机) 55kw(1296锭)









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