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Draw frame series
Two deliveries drawframe

  • This high performance drawframe has been designed in order to guarantee:
  • Top slive quality
  • High handling comfort
  • New standards in productivity
  • Delivery speed above 1050m/min
  • 3 over 4 drafting system,spring or hydraulically loaded (optional)
  • Two indepandent deiveries
  • Continuous suction for waste and dust removal
  • Autoleveller with open loop control for shortest correction length
  • Quality monitoring
  • Static or power creel with 6 or 8 fold doubling,single or double row
  • Pneumatic can changer with can coiler developed for high speeds
  • Driving motor with inverter
  • prepared for connection to automatic can transport system
  • Flexible drawframe combinations
  • Higher can filling weight with sliver compactor (DPV)
  • Connection to data collection and information system
  • Reliable geometry

    The 3over 4 drafting system with pressure br has been designed in order to ensure an outstanding sliver eneness. The 3 top rolls are,as a stan dard,spring loaded or optionally,hydraulically loaded. The pressure on the top rolls is individually adjustable and when the machine comes to a stop,the rous are automatically reliveved to protect their cover.
  • Good accessibility and simple operation

    The upper part of the drafting system can be opened up to the back from the operator' side. The sliver is automatically fed into the measuring funnel at the delivery side. Thus the operation and accessibility of the draw frame have become very easy and simple.

  • Suction

    The suction system has been designed for very high drawframe performances. An excellent dust removal of the slivers is obtapted with a suction device which is completely adapted to the geomen try of the drafting system. In addition suction elements clean the areas of the tongue and groove arrangement at the feeding side and of the rolls at the delivery side.The drawframe can be connected to central waste and duse removal system. If this connection is not possible the UNIMAX can be equipped with a self cleaning filter box.

  • Autoleveller and quality monitoring

    "USG"- Uster Sliver Guard for the "open loop" control system (Short term) with additional on - line monitoring

    "USG"Uster Sliver Guard for the "open loop "control system (short term) with additional on -line monitorings

    A "Tongue & Groove" measuring unit (T&G) fitted with feeding rollers position sensors measures precisely the mass variation of the feeding sliver

    The on - board computer amplifies the difference between the nomina and actual values (correction value) and transmits it to the servomotor

    1 "USG" autolevelling module
    2 On board computer
    3 "T&G" measuring unit
    4 Servo motor
    5 Main motor
    6 "FP" monitoring sensor
    7 Web condenser
    8 Output calender
    9 Pre - draft (constant)
    10 Main draft (variable)

  • Quality monitoring

    An "FP" monitoring sensor,located at the delivery calender group, accurately controls the mass of the delivered sliver (A% as sliver count deviation - CV% as sliver enenness - CVt% as count variation coefficient)

    The interface between the "USG" and the machine is integrated and controlled by the on-board computer.Due to this,the standard of diagrams and quality data has been improved.

    Can changer and creel

  • Can changer

    The UNIMAX is equipped with an automatic and preumatic can changer for all can sizes with an automatic separation unit.
  • Creel

    The feed area of the draw frame can be executed as a rigid cree or as a power creel with cans positioned in single or double row,respectively.
Technica data
Design UNIMAX-without autoleveller DUOMAX-不带自调匀整装置

UNIMAXR-with autoleveller

Delivery heads Two
Material Cotton,man-made fibres and blends with a staple length up to 80mm
Delivery speed Up to 1050m/min
Feeding Static or power creel 6 or 8 fold doubiling
Single or double row(VAC,VL,VLA) 单排或双排条筒(VL,VLA)
Sliver count processed
Feed count ktex 20 to 50
Delivery count Ktex 1.25 to 8.0(from Ne 0.47 to Ne 0.07)
Draft 4 to 10 fold
Drafting system 弹簧或液压(可选)加压 3 over 4,spring or hydrauilic loading(optional)
Can dia 喂入 230 to 1000mm
Installed power main motor
11 or 15 Kw
Suction system
2.25 Kw
1.75+1.75 Kw
Compressed air 损耗率最小6 bar,不带自调整装置 500 NI/h
Minimum 6 bar
Technologic air 1,000 cubic meters per hour


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