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UNIMAX Single Delivery Drawframe

This high performance drawframe has been designed in order to guarantee: top sliver quality , high handling comfort , new standards in productivity

  • Right or left delivery
  • Delivery speed above 1000m/min
  • 3 over 4 drafting system , spring or hydraulically loaded
  • Continuous suction for waste and dust removal
  • Autolereller with open loop control for shortest correction length
  • Quality monitoring
  • Static or power creel with 6 or 8 fold doubling , single or double row
  • Pneumatic can changer with can coiler developed for high speeds
  • Prepared for connection to automatic can transport systems
  • Flexible drawframe combinations
  • Higher can filling weight with sliver compactor (DPV)
  • Connection to MARZOLI'S SYSMO or other types of data collection and information systems
Technical data
Design UNIMAX-without autoleveller DUOMAX-without autoleveller
UNIMAXR-with autoleveller DUOMAXR-with autoleveller
Delivery head One (right or left ) Two
Material Cotton , man - made fibres and blends with a staple length up to 80 mm
Delivery speed Max. 1050m/min
Static or power creel 8 fold doubling
Single or double row (VAC .VL .VLA) Single or double row (VL VLA)
Sliver count processed Feed count Ktex 12 to 50
Delivery count Ktex 1.25 to 8.0
Draft 4 to 11.6 fold
Drafting system 3 over 4 ,spring or hydraulic Loading (optional)
条筒规格 喂入  条筒直径230-1000mm (Can Dia 230-1000mm)
输出 DUOMAX:条筒直径230-600
Installed power 11.5Kw (Without autoleveller)
13Kw (With autoleveller)
16Kw (Without autoleveller)
20Kw (With autoleveller)
Compressed air Minimum 6 bar


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