Waco Texas Attractions That You Can Add To Your List

There are some Waco TX attractions that I haven’t told you about yet. I mentioned a couple more in the overview, but I want to explore more of those in detail with you. Let’s look at what all you might get into as you explore Waco TX.

The Waco Convention Center is certainly a focal point of the city, and I didn’t talk much about it yet. The location is 100 Washington Avenue, and it is one impressive facility. Many local special events are held there, such as graduations. You may or may not have a big reason to stop by if you are just visiting, but you should know about this great facility available to those in Waco.

The Waco Hippodrome Theater is also a great facility. Its location is 724 Austin Avenue, and there are all kinds of great performances to catch there. If you are in the area on vacation, you can see what events are on the schedule, and you can get your tickets. There are even kid’s nights hosted there for families where you can eat and watch a movie. That’s perfect for a family vacation.

This next experience is a top attraction in Waco that I haven’t brought to your attention just yet. It’s called Painting With A Twist. The location for Painting With A Twist is 1621 North Valley Mills Drive. There were so many other attractions that I skipped over this one originally, and I caution you not to do the same thing. There are different sessions you can book, and people talk about bring your own wine. It would make for a fun date night, and one of the sessions was paint your pet.

I’m not sure I would want to exactly visit this next attraction, but it is after all one of the places that Waco is nationally known for. I’m sure the locals would like to forget that fact. The place is the Branch Davidian Compound. I still remember as a kid watching footage of this on TV. It was all over the news in the early 90’s. The Branch Davidian Compound is located at 1781 Double EE Ranch Road.

That’s a closer look at more places to visit while you’re in Waco TX. It’s time for some great adventures, and you’re really going to know where to go. If you have read any of the other articles I’ve brought to you about Waco TX, then you have a firm understanding of what all there is to do there.